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Yakima, WA


Evergreen Industries S.P.C. is a corporation that has formed in the search of solving a social plight. The issue was clear, we in America are deprived of a consumer choice and this will not stand. When doing our research we discovered that we could simply ship these fibers in bulk from off shore however, that is not the final solution in our book. We decided to become part of the solution to bring back our industrial hemp industry.



Event FAQ’s

Q: Can I consume cannabis at this event?

A: No, this is not a public consumption venue.


Q: Why are you having a event that doesn’t allow consumption?

A: Croptoberfest is an event that is meant to educate the attendees first and foremost. There is an after party for letting lose latter.


Q: What kind of cannabis education can I expect to learn?

A: We are bringing professionals from around the State to share their first hand knowledge on both hemp and marijuana cultivation, processing and ultimately marketing their agricultural products.


Q: Why should we be concerned with farming cannabis?

A: Because there is something to be said about knowing your farmer. You can find out the how your favorite cannabis is grown.


Q: What are we going to learn about hemp?

A: Attendees will be exposed to three main panels about what hemp production will look like in Washington in the next few years.

Q: What are we going to learn about marijuana?

A: Attendees will be learn about the current standards that farmers are holding themselves to in order to set themselves apart in the marketplace.


Q: Why would I want to attend Croptoberfest if I don’t want to sit through speakers.

A: Attendees are welcome to tour the Trade Show floor and visit our sponsors booths. There you will be able to interact with cannabis companies from across Washington State.


Q: What does the VIP ticket get me?

A: VIP passes will provide extra access to the speakers lounge backstage during the daytime, and also receive access to the VIP area during the official Croptoberfest After Party.


Q: When is the official Croptoberfest After Party?

A: The After Party is immediately following the daytime Trade Show. Guests will be directed across the street from the Trade Show to the event center where the after party will take place.


Q: Do I need another ticket for the official Croptoberfest After Party?

A: Yes, because there is limited space you will need to purchase a separate ticket for the official After Party.