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Yakima, WA


Evergreen Industries S.P.C. is a corporation that has formed in the search of solving a social plight. The issue was clear, we in America are deprived of a consumer choice and this will not stand. When doing our research we discovered that we could simply ship these fibers in bulk from off shore however, that is not the final solution in our book. We decided to become part of the solution to bring back our industrial hemp industry.


Brought to you by Evergreen Industries SPC

Brought to you by Evergreen Industries SPC


November 19th, 2016 - Yakima, WA

16 N. 3rd St., Yakima, WA 98902

"Central Washington's Cannabis Festival"


About Croptoberfest

Croptoberfest™ 2016 will be hosted November 19th in the heart of downtown Yakima, Washington. Yakima is known for its sprawling hills and amazing growing seasons. This country is an agricultural hub and it has seen the rise and transition of many industries. It is our intent to exemplify to the established agrarian industries the benefits of cannabis production and processing.

Yakima was chosen for Croptoberfest™ 2016 because we aim to explore how the nascent cannabis industry is reminiscent the development of the craft beer and wine industries in Eastern Washington.  Croptoberfest™ will feature cannabis education focusing on the future of the agricultural promise of cannabis in all of its forms. 

The name Croptoberfest™ was of course coined after the traditional Oktoberfest, which serves as a celebration around the culture of beer all over the world to this day. The same paradigm that beer brought internationally has been created is in the cannabis sector.  Washington’s cannabis industry needs to direct their focus on creating the highest quality standards while maximizing production value.  New interest from experienced farmers is necessary to overcome the woes of prohibitions past.

“European farmers make a lot of money off of selling hemp construction materials,” he continued. The formula is simple, he said. One part hemp, one part water, one part lime. “You can build a house out of it.”

- Andrew Must, Virginia Hemp Farmer


We find ourselves in a tremendously exciting time in history.  Never have we seen a prohibited plant that holds so much value to today’s economy be released from the chains of the mis-education that over seventy years of propaganda have delivered our society.  We launched Croptoberfest™ to assist in these efforts.  We know that being exposed to the real education about the plant cannabis sativa l. will help us in understanding why we are now in the beginning of an agrarian revolution.

This year Washington State has seen the second official legal harvest of sun-grown cannabis.  Meaning that for over seventy years the large scale production of cannabis has been done out of sight and out of mind from the average citizen.  And now we are seeing the first large-scale commercial ‘marijuana’ farms take root across Washington.

Croptoberfest™ 2016 is proud to have two unique panels of cannabis industry specialists for your review on sun grown, full-term “marijuana” farming.  The panels will focus on the diverse ways to farm cannabis in the unique growing environments that cover the Pacific Northwest. The first panel will focus on the current standards that are involved in large scale cannabis production. The second panel will focus on the near future of cannabis farming. What does it take to succeed in today’s marijuana marketplace? What new standards are needed to set Washington Farmers apart from other state? These are just a few of the questions we will be addressing at Croptoberfest™ 2016.


Arch DJ

Arch DJ

Adrian Xaviar

Adrian Xaviar

After party!

Location: 31 N 1st Ave, Yakima, WA 98902

Hop Nation Brewery

Time: 7:00 pm to 12:00 am

No event is worth writing home about unless it has an amazing after party. Well Croptoberfest™ will never let our attendees down. We have secured an event space nearby the Trade Show for the official Croptoberfest™ After Party. We have limited tickets so we are asking all that want to attend to RSVP today by purchasing your ticket here.


Croptoberfest™ 2016 has booked some amazing musical talent for our guests ears. It starts off with Arch DJ will be spinning some cannabis culture tunes while we decompress from the day's activities. Grab a fresh libation from the bar and mingle. We will be networking and conversing about the industry and our dreams of the future. We have endowed all of our speakers and sponsors passes to the evening so we all can rub elbows. A short while later one of the Northwest finest reggae bands will take the stage. Adrian Xaviar and his cohort of island sound musicians will be playing the healing vibrations of the islands, Vashon Islands that is. Adrian is going to be bringing out his entire band for Yakima, horns and all. You will not want to miss this!  See the Schedule below for more information.

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